GIS Software

gi Perspective provide GIS Software as desktop and online solutions, offering both proprietary and open source softwares and support packages.  For desktop use, as a member of the Esri Partner Network we provide Esri ArcGIS, reselling a range of ArcGIS software for UK clients at current list pricing.  We also have skills in open source QGIS for desktop use.  For online use, we have expertise in Esri-based solutions but also strong skills in building open source technologies including MapServer, GeoServer, PostGIS, OpenLayers and MySQL.

Our GIS Software expertise

Because gi Perspective use both Esri ArcGIS and QGIS extensively for our own Data Services and Analysis and Reporting Services, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding their capabilities and interoperabilities. We can also advise on the licensing and platform options available.

We are familiar with installation procedures onto desktop and server environments and can provide all supporting GIS software services. gi Perspective can remain a point of contact following GIS software installation but also advise on the maintenance contract available from the GIS software vendor.

We also have GIS software developers who can undertake application development to create specific sets of automated routines, either within the ArcGIS environment or using open source technologies.

gi Perspective has been appointed to the LASA (Local Authority Software Applications) framework.

GIS Software

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