GIS Analysis and Reporting

As part of our GIS Consultancy Services offering, we provide a GIS reporting service or "bureau service", allowing clients to benefit from GIS expertise at their convenience without the need for investment in software, data and training. A client may choose GIS reporting for reasons of convenience, allowing them to obtain map output or spatial analysis in a limited time frame. A skilled GIS Consulting team member will be appointed to the client to aid discussions around issues of data, design and final output.

Our approach to GIS Reporting

A client requiring GIS reporting will usually have in mind a specific deliverable, such as a set of employee distribution maps or a particular piece of spatial analysis using third party data such as postcode boundaries or Census data. The maps can be provided in a paper and/or digital format with accompanying tabular data and will usually include some form of branding or title information.

The client often holds data in the form of an address listing which can then be geocoded to create a spatial dataset. Because we have the necessary GIS software licenses, base mapping and expertise in-house, analysis and reporting can be undertaken for a fixed fee with minimal involvement from the client. An initial brief will be taken and a methodology agreed after which the client will receive a first proof and then final delivery.

GIS Analysis and Reporting

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