GIS Data Sourcing

gi Perspective provide GIS Data Sourcing services to help organisations derive optimal value from the many and varied geographic data sources available

What is GIS Data Sourcing?

  • Using our experience and knowledge of the best sources, formats and scales of data for each project
  • Providing expertise in UK and worldwide geographic open and commercial datasets

What are the benefits of good GIS Data Sourcing?

  • Industry-specific expertise for Energy, Housing, Health, Local Government, Environment etc.
  • Experience in scale-appropriate data
  • Advice on copyright and terms of use
  • Vector and raster dataset knowledge for UK and worldwide

How is GIS Data Sourced?

  • By understanding the use scenario(s) of the data
  • By utilising available web services
  • By harmonising and processing GIS datasets to optimise usability
  • By using our knowledge of providers such as Ordnance Survey, Office for National Statistics, Natural England, English Heritage, Environment Agency, Land Registry, OpenStreetMap, USGS, NASA etc.

GIS Data Sourcing

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