GIS Data Sourcing

We have been sourcing data for use in GIS projects for 20 years and have expertise in sourcing, validating, harmonising and processing of all types of geographic data. As an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner, we have access to the most consistently accurate and up-to-date geographic data across Great Britain.  We also have access to and experience in sourcing and processing a wide network of data sources such as Office for National Statistics, Natural England,  English Heritage, Environment Agency, Land Registry and NASA.

GIS data we can provide

We have a number of GB digital raster products at our disposal including those from the OS, and our own award winning “mapvu” range. We are also exclusive suppliers of digital mapping products from Philip’s.

Other GIS data commonly used and held by us include boundaries and tabular data on population, ward and parish boundaries, postcodes, health and emergency services.

We have access to a wide range of European and Worldwide GIS data, and can advise whether open data or commercial data is required.

GIS Data Sourcing

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