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Design and build of an Esri Mapping Application


gi Perspective were commissioned to design and build a GIS Mapping Application for a UK company providing geological information and reports to the property sector. The client was already using GIS as part of a manual search process but were seeking to improve time and cost efficiencies by bringing in a level of automation through a custom ArcGIS application.

Our GIS Consultant visited the client to get an in-depth understanding of the current manual process and gather enough information to formulate a proposed solution.


A custom Add-In was built for use with Esri’s ArcGIS Pro using VB.NET and ArcGIS Pro SDK. The application:

  • uses a form to collate basic search request information.
  • analyses properties against geological datasets (licensed and opensource).
  • uses complex 3D algorithms.
  • prompts the user if any manual decisions or inputs are required.
  • outputs a map and a detailed geological report for each property.
  • is configured through an XML file.


The client has significantly improved the speed in which searches are processed, without reducing the accuracy of their findings. As a result, the number of geological reports they will be able to deliver on an annual basis will increase considerably.

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