GIS Data Services

What is GIS Data?

GIS data is data with a spatial or geographic attribute which enables it to be used within GIS Software, for example:

  • Points, lines or areas representing features on the ground
  • Raster base mapping at different scales
  • Aerial imagery
  • Postcode areas, districts, sectors
  • Census data

How we provide GIS Data Services:

  • We review the scope of a project
  • Recommend appropriate GIS datasets
  • Assess client-supplied data
  • Source, collate and harmonise GIS datasets
  • Design and build suitable databases to hold GIS data

How can GIS Data Services make the difference?

  • Giving spatial reference to previously non-spatial data or plans
  • Recommendation and collation of supporting third-party GIS datasets
  • Harmonisation of disparate datasets into a common structure and scale
  • Transformation of datasets into different database structures and geographical coordinate systems
  • Metadata creation to aid data discovery

GIS Data Services

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