GIS Data Services

gi Perspective can advise on the most appropriate sources and formats of GIS mapping data for a particular project. The data required for use in a typical GIS mapping data exercise may include; base mapping at different scales, aerial imagery, overlay data such as postcode boundaries or census data or client specific data relevant to the project.

We help with questions such as:

  • What mapping might I benefit from?
  • What coverage and scale(s) do I need?
  • Where can I obtain licensed and open data sources?
  • Data formats and interoperability?

Our GIS services team have a wide range of skills in the capturing, converting and sourcing of many types of data for use in the GIS mapping environment. We also have excellent skills in the design and creation of relational GIS mapping databases. Our experts in data mapping services can advise on, design and implement relational GIS mapping databases as well as creating the necessary supporting metadata to specific European and international standards.

Our wealth of experience in handling and processing UK and Worldwide GIS mapping data gives us the ability to provide independent recommendations and undertake sourcing of the most suitable data for your specific GIS mapping data needs and project requirements. We can also advise on data formatting and the interoperability of GIS datasets from different sources.

GIS Data Services

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