GIS Data Capture & Conversion

gi Perspective provide GIS Data Capture and Conversion, giving organisations access to digital mapping information.

What is GIS data capture & conversion?

  • GIS data capture is the process and expertise in extracting geographic features from a source material for use in a digital mapping environment
  • Most commonly, the process of GIS data capture involves the scanning of printed materials, spatial referencing and digitising of map features such as lines, boundaries and points
  • GIS data conversion is the associated manipulation and transformation of geographic data from one format to another and/or the remodelling of a data structure

How is GIS data capture & conversion done?

  1. gi Perspective analyse and assess the source materials to decide how to capture the data and which method will be the most efficient for the client.
  2. Once we have agreed the required accuracy and scale with the client, we produce sample data for review to ensure we are capturing data to the agreed specification.
  3. We have a wide range of tools and data at our disposal to ensure that the data capture process is efficient and competed to a consistently high standard.
  4. Data is then converted and remodelled to be used in the destination digital mapping or spatial database environment.

Different types of GIS data capture services we offer

  • Scanning and geo-referencing of large paper maps
  • Data capture of features from existing resources, both textural and spatial
  • Creation of GIS data from satellite imagery with onsite verification and survey
  • Record linking and relational database creation
  • Conversion and remodelling of spatial data
  • Geocoding to convert street addresses into spatial locations

What are the benefits of GIS data capture for businesses?

  • Conversion of paper maps and records at risk of deterioration, flood, and fire to digital environment
  • Enable data sharing and improved access to previously archived data
  • Enrich an existing GIS system through additional datasets
  • Save space
  • Improve record-linking by bringing maps and plans into asset management systems

GIS Data Capture & Conversion

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