GIS Data Capture & Conversion

Data is not always available in its most suitable format and may require conversion into a more suitable or useable format for GIS use. This may require the capture from paper maps into a digital format, or conversion from other formats such as AutoCAD into GIS format. gi Perspective are able to offer a full range of GIS data capture and conversion services including full colour scanning and digitising.

Data capture and conversion services include

  • Scanning and geo-referencing of large paper maps
  • Conversion from image files to geo-referenced imagery
  • Conversion from raster to raster, raster to vector and vector to vector formats
  • Conversion from one coordinate system to another
  • Data capture of features from existing resources, both textural and spatial
  • Geocoding to convert street addresses into spatial locations

gi Perspective can capture or convert data ranging from one-off files, to offices full of paper documents. We have worked with a wide range of companies and agencies including the European Commission, the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and Forestry Commission. We also offer advanced GIS database design and metadata creation.

GIS Data Capture & Conversion

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