Esri ArcGIS Software

As a member of the Esri Partner Network, gi Perspective (the name for Lovell Johns’ GIS business) resell the full range of ArcGIS software within the UK at current list pricing, as well as providing these associated services:

  • ArcGIS Consultancy
  • Data sourcing and processing in ArcGIS
  • Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS
  • Design and development of ArcGIS applications
  • Bespoke training in ArcGIS

ArcGIS Online

  • Cloud-based GIS Software offering accessible and collaborative spatial data management
  • Enables the creation of interactive web maps and applications without advanced programming skills
  • Supports scalability for diverse project needs and robust security features
  • Compatible with various desktop and mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and suitability for in-field data collection

ArcGIS Pro

  • Create and manage geographic data
  • View your geographic data against backdrop mapping or online resources such as satellite imagery
  • Visualize and analyse your data in a spatial context
  • Create and print maps
  • Generate reports and charts
  • Available in 3 license levels
    • Basic
    • Standard
    • Advanced

ArcGIS Field Maps

  • Mobile field mapping and data collection software
  • Advanced GIS and GPS capabilities
  • Suitable for capturing, editing, and displaying geographic information quickly and efficiently

ArcGIS Enterprise

  • Complete server GIS for publishing and managing geospatial services and applications
  • Centrally managing spatial databases, maps and applications
  • Sharing and collaborating map data
  • Distributing GIS functionality via the Internet

Esri ArcGIS Software

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