Grounds maintenance spatial database creation for Brent Council


Brent Council maintain over 100 parks and open spaces, 8,500 properties and 160km of highway verges. They approached gi Perspective to create an up-to-date spatial database of these areas to provide more accurate information for their Grounds Maintenance contracts tendering.


Our GIS specialists used Ordnance Survey data and satellite imagery to capture features such as grass, shrub beds, paths, playgrounds and sports pitches. The team worked closely with park managers to ensure the correct attribution of grass types such as amenity, meadow and wildflower as well as clarifying sports pitch allocation during different seasons. We utilised a trusted London-based partner to carry out onsite verification and to survey features not visible from imagery. Technical quality control processes were applied to the data within Esri’s ArcGIS Pro to ensure it was complete and free from errors.


The task was completed successfully to a pressing schedule. Areas were summed by maintenance type and by site for use in the tendering process. Hani Al-Mousawi, the Senior Environmental Services Strategy and Change Officer, stated that Brent Council “appreciated the work carried out, in challenging circumstances, which was of a high quality”.

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