GIS Analysis and Reporting

gi Perspective provide GIS Analysis and Reporting using GIS data, techniques and software to give clients value from geographic data.

What is GIS Analysis and Reporting?

GIS Analysis looks for patterns and information in GIS data by using tools and techniques in GIS software.

GIS Reporting is the outputting of the first-stage Analysis into a useful piece of information, for example a map and/or tabular data.

How we undertake GIS Analysis and Reporting

  • Using in-house expert staff
  • Using in-house software
  • Sourcing and processing appropriate spatial data
  • Consulting with the client to understand their needs and what data they hold
  • Working to a fixed budget and timeline
  • Working on individual commissions and/or SLAs

Benefits of GIS Analysis and Reporting

  • Allows the GIS novice to understand the possibilities
  • Saves and/or defers investment in software
  • Saves and/or defers investment in training
  • Fills knowledge gaps
  • Adds value to studies, reports, programmes where spatial data is a key deliverable

GIS Analysis and Reporting

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