planvu for Local Government

gi Perspective provide planvu online mapping for many local authorities in England and Scotland, working with this client base since 2005.

What is planvu?

The large interactive map display allows the user to easily search, move around and zoom in to specific Local Plan policies and associated textual information.

Wokingham Planvu 4 on desktop


How is planvu configured and provided?

  1. We take GIS data and policy designations information from the local authority at project inception.
  2. We process the Ordnance Survey base mapping including MasterMap Topography Layer or use Ordnance Survey Premium Maps API through your existing PSGA.
  3. We configure the local gazetteer for address searching.
  4. We process the textual information (Written Statement) and create all links to the map.
  5. We build, test, host and support the software in matter of weeks.
  6. planvu is built on OpenSource software and is accessed through a web browser.

What are the benefits of planvu?

  • Easy to update as a Local Plan develops through stages and grows
  • Requires minimal call on local authority resource both at set-up and ongoing
  • Matches pre-existing Policy layer styles
  • Provides digital engagement with citizens
  • Used internally by Planning staff as well as developer and public
  • Light-weight and easy to use
  • Links to multiple texts
  • Links to third-party consultation software
  • Tablet and mobile compatible
  • Web accessibility friendly
  • Reduces printing costs

planvu for Local Government

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