Custom Web Mapping Solutions

gi Perspective design custom web mapping solutions, giving organisations low-cost online mapping which is intuitive for users and quick to deploy.

What are Custom Web Mapping Solutions?

  • Interactive online mapping solutions, designed to perform a specific set of tasks
  • Focusing client budget on the specific required functionality, rather than on software costs
  • Taking advantage of available APIs for easy deployment

Open-Source Custom Solutions

  • Developed using freely available source code
  • No software licenses required
  • Built using trusted and well-supported technologies such as GeoServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Leaflet and OpenLayers

Proprietary Software Custom Solutions

  • Esri-based solutions, building on existing client ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise licensing
  • Google Maps Platform solutions where the solution is easily scripted over Google Maps, using customised mapping and available searching and routing capabilities
  • Other third-party SDKs such as Mapbox and CARTO

How do I choose the right Web Mapping Solution?

  • As an independent GIS consultancy, gi Perspective can advise on the most suitable solution for your required functionality, expected usage and budget.


  • Our Custom Web Mapping Solutions are hosted at a state-of-the-art Data Centre in the UK and can be presented within existing client websites.
  • Alternatively, our solutions can be hosted elsewhere in the world, or we can support the client with a self-hosted solution.

Custom Web Mapping Solutions

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