Custom Web Mapping Solutions

As an alternative to the highly developed commercial web mapping software available, open source solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years and are favoured by our developers for interactive web mapping solutions. In contrast with commercial vendor software models, open source gives the general public access to the source code, meaning web mapping solutions can be developed and shared more easily.

Open source technologies

We most commonly use a range of technologies to deliver open source solutions; MapServer and GeoServer for the mapping engine; MySQL and PostgreSQL / PostGIS for database technology; OpenLayers for map functionality in the browser. Open source web mapping has changed the way geographic information can be delivered, opening up a new set of users and markets who need no detailed knowledge of projections and datums, but can use free data and software to produce online mapping solutions.  Concentrating budget on development rather than software means that more customisation of presentation and functionality can become the focus of your GIS.

Custom Web Mapping Solutions

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