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British Lung Foundation (BLF) provides advice and support to those affected by lung conditions, and campaigns to raise awareness of conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). BLF contacted us, like many other clients, looking for expertise in mapping and GIS; we have provided so-called “bureau services” to many different sectors including the NHS. BLF were also looking for GIS data sourcing expertise, particularly relating to UK health and parliamentary boundaries, and demographic data for these areas.


The OSA mapping exercise has included consultancy, data sourcing and validation, spatial dataset creation, GIS map production, delivery of PDFs and presentation of final maps and tabular data. The maps and datasets have advanced the state of knowledge on UK sleep service provision and the distribution of OSA sufferers. The work was all done within a limited budget and we worked closely with the client throughout to achieve maximum return for this figure.


Judy Harris, OSA Project Manager at the BLF, commented: “Your team were accommodating, professional and approachable. The project was delivered within budget and I am delighted with the results. I would imagine that your experience and knowledge in data and specialist mapping services would be invaluable to other health care organisations. The results of our work with you will be used to plan many aspects of our campaign to raise awareness of OSA and to improve the lives of people living with this serious condition”.

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