Esri Software Support Services

As part of our wider GIS Consultancy services, gi Perspective are an Esri Business Associate within the Esri (UK) Partners and Alliances Programme. As our parent company Lovell Johns have been using Esri ArcGIS software throughout the organisation for many years and developing application solutions based on this software, there is a wealth of knowledge regarding the various types of software and also the extensions available. We can also advise on the licensing and platform options.

Our Esri software support services include:

  • Pre-training data preparation using your own data
  • Software & license ordering
  • Installation of software & service packs
  • Software registration
  • Introduction to relevant GIS datasets (such as those from Ordnance Survey)
  • Overview of vendor online help and technical support
  • Personal post-training telephone and email support


Esri Software Support Services

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