5 ways of using a GIS service provider to complete your project

By December 7th 2022

For any GIS project or scope of work requiring external assistance, there are different ways of engaging expert support. As a GIS services provider, we are flexible in how we deliver GIS consultancy, software, data services and spatial analysis as illustrated below.

1. As a GIS bureau service

Where a complete end-to-end GIS Solution is required, a bureau service can be offered covering everything from initial consultation to final delivery. The advantage of a GIS bureau service is that the client requires no GIS skills or software. Desktop GIS software can be expensive both to buy and maintain. Furthermore, free GIS software and online solutions may lack the functionality and presentation output of the wide-ranging commercial software that a GIS specialist has at their disposal. Trained GIS consultants can offer advice and assist in the project approach no matter what the subject matter.

2. As GIS support

You may have some GIS experience and be able to advise on the scope of work required from a GIS specialist or you may just need a little specialist advice and support for an upcoming in-house project. Perhaps you don’t have quite the right GIS software or resources available to complete a piece of spatial analysis. In this scenario, an experienced GIS service provider with a broad and deep range of knowledge on data sources, data processing and complex GIS processes can provide dedicated support.


3. As extra GIS resource

You may have all the GIS software and experience that you need, but simply don’t have the human resources to complete the project on time. Outsourcing some of your GIS needs to skilled professionals with a proven track record can take the stress out of a project and improve its success. This can be particularly helpful with looming contract deadlines with fixed dates for deliverables. As many common GIS processes are found in the most common GIS software, a fairly seamless pick-up is often possible with an extra pair of hands.

4. To get a tool built

GIS consultants can advise on how a GIS related tool or software application can be developed to automate your project outputs. This approach to GIS support can either make use of the configuration of existing GIS tools or scripting and compiling a GIS tool from scratch. If you’re looking to automate tasks such as spatial analysis, speed up the production of maps and reports or change parameters to rerun a GIS process to see different results, this method is particularly helpful.

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5. To gain the GIS knowledge required

Why not let a GIS consultant get you into GIS, creating or converting some initial data and providing bespoke training? GIS has many applications in many industries and generic training may cover numerous aspects of the software you may never use. Bespoke training can be limited to the functionality that you will be using day-to-day and training tasks can be designed around your data. An independent GIS consultant can also advise which software is best for your needs, organise its purchase and even install it onsite.

These 5 examples of GIS support can apply to all types and sizes of organisation, whether an early adopter or a seasoned GIS practitioner of many years.

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