Geographic Analysis using GIS

By July 14th 2011

Businesses are increasingly seeing the benefit of using mapping software to help with the analysis, planning and presentation of information held relating to the geographic nature of Sales Force activity.

Whether an organisation has a single Sales Person covering the whole country serving dozens of accounts, or has dozens of Sales People managing a handful of accounts each, mapping software can bring to life any data held in Excel or similar formats as long as there a spatial dimension of some kind.

We recently provided a range of services for just such an organisation, namely Hay Group PLC. – Hay Group, a firm of Management Consultants, were seeking an entry level GIS solution to help with Sales and Marketing activity; they wanted to be able to analyse their Local Authority sector Sales Activity. Although the data already existed in tabular format, Hay Group wanted to be able analyse patterns of activity across the country, for example by producing a map depicting where Won / Lost accounts were clustered. We were supplied with an Excel list of around 800 postcode records which were geo – coded then the following tasks undertaken:

  • Sale of ESRI ArcGIS software as a Concurrent Licence (3 installs)
  • Licensing of Local Authority boundary data
  • Processing and importing client Excel data into software
  • On – site software installation onto 3 PCs and bespoke training for 3 users
  • Ongoing telephone support and maintenance as part of an SLA

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