GIS Spatial Analysis

As part of our GIS Reporting services, we undertake GIS spatial analysis using in-house resources to produce map and tabular output for a varied client base. Spatial analysis is a term used heavily within GIS to describe analysis of a geographic nature and covers a range of formal techniques for specific queries which could not be interpreted without using geographical information. The client often holds datasets, for example an address listing of branch and customer data, which can be easily be geocoded to create a spatial dataset. These datasets can then be analysed against each other, or with third party information such as census or deprivation data.

Some examples of GIS spatial analysis can be seen in:

  • Improving direct mail campaigns by telling customers where their nearest store or dealer is located
  • Aiding market research studies by analysing census or deprivation data
  • Creating sales or delivery territories based on population statistics
  • Analysing the location of offices and employees
  • Choosing suitable development sites using drivetime analysis


GIS Spatial Analysis

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