Drivetime mapping becoming a hot topic!

By July 14th 2011

Ever wondered how far you can drive in 30 minutes from your house? Or what about how long it takes to get to work in rush hour, compared to mid – morning or even a weekend?

You generally know how far you would get from where you live but important locational decisions are being made every day by organisations needing to understand drivetimes. Not only does software exist to tell you how far you can travel in 30 or 40 minutes but also it can give alternative answers for peak and off – peak time of day.

The start point for any such exercise is usually a postcode. The organisation seeking the result can be offered either drivetime or indeed distance travelled from this start point and the deliverable may be an informative map and or a listing of postcode sectors.

Furthermore, the resultant boundary representing a drivetime can be queried against geo demographic datasets datasets such as population density, car ownership etc. For example, a retail business or doctor”s surgery may be interested in the population profile that are within a given distance or drivetime of a potential new store or surgery.

Recently, we have handled many different types of enquiry such as “where to best locate a new technology park”, “where might a new trauma centre be located to serve its local population” and “the optimal location for a new concrete mixing depot”.

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