GIS Database Design

gi Perspective provide GIS Database Design solutions, recommending, scoping and building the most appropriate spatial database for any given project.

Why a GIS Database?

  • The design of the appropriate GIS database is a critical element of an overall successful GIS strategy.
  • A suitable data model is required to efficiently store, query and manage the spatial data.

How do we deliver a GIS Database?

  • We consult, advise, design and create the GIS database which best matches the size and nature of the client requirement.
  • Alternatively, we can design and create a GIS database that uses your existing server software stack or cloud solution.
  • After a high-level conceptual model is agreed, a more detailed logical design is created.
  • The database model is implemented into the chosen environment.
  • Data is imported and logical, topological and completeness tests are applied.

Types of GIS Database we provide

  • ArcGIS File and Enterprise Geodatabases
  • Open Source databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server and Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure

GIS Database Design

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