GIS Consultancy Services

gi Perspective provides independent GIS Consultancy Services for all sizes and types of organisation. Our team of experienced GIS consultants deliver quality geographic information and digital mapping solutions with unmatched expertise and a tailored service.

What we offer

  • Spatial analysis and mapping: We examine and interpret the patterns, relationships, and trends in your geographic data to produce insightful maps and help you make informed decisions.
  • GIS data capture and conversion: Have lots of geographic data, but it’s all in different formats? We collect and transform information from various sources and formats into standardised digital formats to allow analysis and reporting.
  • GIS data sourcing: Need fresh data or to expand your existing dataset? Our GIS consultants can collate data for you from many places, including Ordnance Survey, Office for National Statistics, Environment Agency, Natural England, English Heritage, Environment Agency, Land Registry, OpenStreetMap, NASA - and more!
  • Map scanning services: If you’ve got paper maps, charts, or other physical cartographic materials, we can scan and digitise them - making them accessible and usable in GIS software.
  • Bureau service expertise for GIS users: We love to share our knowledge! Our GIS consultants are happy to help with one-off or ongoing GIS projects, to help you keep on top of your workload and become more confident with GIS.
  • Off-site support for bottlenecks in GIS projects: If your GIS project is grinding to a halt, our remote GIS consultants can offer expert advice and extra help to get it back on track.
  • Development of GIS tools and software products: As an independent GIS consultancy, we can advise on - and build - the most suitable GIS application for your required functionality, expected usage and budget.
  • Bespoke on-site GIS training: As well as development and support for GIS, our consultants can provide customised training Esri ArcGIS software using your own project data.

How we provide GIS Consultancy

Our experienced GIS consultants are all UK-based, and we help organisations from all over the World to achieve more with geographic data. Whether you’re a seasoned GIS user or just starting out with a mapping project, we provide trusted, personal GIS consultancy services for all budgets.

  • Free initial consultation and advice
  • Independent expertise in GIS solutions
  • By building trust and long-term relationships
  • Through fixed fees and hourly rates

Our GIS Consultants

Known for our flexible and professional approach, we are an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner, an Esri Partner Network member, and work with international open-source data and software platforms. We offer premium GIS services and independent expert consultancy to our clients.

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Experts in Geographic Information Systems

gi Perspective provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with geographic information and digital mapping solutions, utilising our staff's breadth of experience to exceed customer expectations.

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