The best of our mapping and GIS solutions in 2017

By January 20th 2018

At the beginning of every year, we take some time to reflect on some of our best work from the past year.

We’re a bit late to this party considering it’s already February, but shortlisting from the breadth of our work last year has been a fun challenge. Whether it lay within the field of Geographic Information, cartography or custom mapping solutions, we’ve kept ourselves really busy and accomplished a significant amount of work.

Mapping Programme delivery against Census data

The Strategic Management Group at The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art approached us to help them better understand their outreach programme across the North East. The challenge was to create a consistent set of 12 maps at different scales, to visualise how their key educational establishments coincided with recent Census Data. We carried out a GIS consultation and managed to deliver the final set of maps to schedule and budget in just six weeks.

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts

Illustrated Campus Maps for the University of Nottingham

The Corporate Marketing Department of the University of Nottingham were looking for new map designs for three campuses. They needed something engaging for a wide range of reasons, from helping visitors on Open Days through to assisting delivery drivers’ orientation across the sites.
Of these maps, the University Park Campus map presented a real challenge to our cartographers as the site was large, highly detailed and undulating. The University had some of its own ideas and preferred styles of 3D illustrated maps, referenced from other institutions, however they also really liked some of the our previous work in this area.

University of Nottingham Park Campus Map

We managed to deliver all three maps to a tight deadline that coincided with an Open Day event at the University.

GIS Analysis for Pembrokeshire County Council

The renewable energy specialist National Energy Foundation brought in our GIS Consultancy Services to assist with Pembrokeshire County Council‘s Renewable Energy Assessment.  What began as spatial analysis involving data collection, resulted in maps created to show existing renewable energy technologies and land that could be prioritised for further development of wind, solar, biomass and other initiatives.

GIS consultancy for Pembrokeshire County Council

Our final report provided insight and allowed Pembrokeshire Council to review all its planning implications for renewable energy development.

Illustrative Atlas Maps for Bonnier Publishing

Bonnier is the fastest growing major publisher in the UK. They approached us to create maps for a new atlas of the world at various stages of development. The initial challenge involved developing an illustrative map style to create images of how the world may have looked in the Jurassic period. We began to use various references to create an image of how the world may have looked and hand drew the map with several effects, to convey height and land types.


Data Mapping for NHS England

In order to better understand mental health crisis services in London, sector specialists Therapeutic Solutions (Addictions) contacted us to provide enhanced spatial analysis and mapping visualisations for NHS England. Our GIS consultants used a range of techniques from catchment models to hot spot analyses. Therapeutic Solutions used our maps extensively in the final report they published.

Data mapping for NHS England - Lovell Johns

Whether in illustrative mapping, GIS consultancy, our wide range of expertise under a single roof was tested. Unsurprisingly, we exceeded expectations every single time. We’re really looking forward to newer and more exciting work in 2018. If you’ve got something, we would be happy to lend our ears to it so just drop us a line.

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