5 Ways Your Organisation Can Utilise the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer

By February 16th 2016

1. Manage Your Assets

For improved management and maintenance efficiencies, create an accurate geographic view of your properties or assets. By relying purely on tabular data, out of date paper maps or local staff knowledge, maintenance can be overlooked which can then prove costly. Using the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer within a Geographic Information System (GIS) or online web mapping application, you can accurately map assets such as buildings, grass, shrub beds, hard-standing areas, trees and pipes. You can also then compare your mapped data against other datasets as such land registry titles, historical flood risk data or even recent crime statistics.

2. Supply Contractors with Accurate Information

When your data is mapped in a digital environment, you can share more accurate data with contractors. Accurate measurements can be taken from your desk at a click of a button, or reports can be generated giving you total measurements across your coverage area. Your results can provide a more accurate base for tendering and negotiating on rates for grounds maintenance.

3. Visualise Trends

Attaching database information to your mapped properties or assets allows you to visualise geographic trends that might not be apparent when analysing database information in isolation. Using the OS MasterMap Topography Layer with a desktop GIS or configured web mapping application it is simple to visualise trends. Furthermore, presenting your visualisations gives more backing to potential proposals.

4.  Plan Events

Once your mapping system is in place, it can be used for other purposes such as event planning. Whether it’s your own open day or a road closure beyond your control, accurately planning your site and its’ access is quick and easy. Using GIS tools, draw on temporary boundaries, arrows and annotation on to your Topography Layer.

5. Crowd Source Reporting

Some public organisations can make their OS MasterMap Topography Layer available online for the public to report accurate locations of pot holes, fly tipping or trees in danger of falling. Such locations, perhaps combined with photographs, can then be forwarded to contractors for remedial action.

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