Active Travel Map

gi Perspective design, build and host Active Travel Maps for Local Authorities in the form of online interactive mapping websites. Active Travel Maps support council travel strategies in promoting greener modes of transport and healthier lifestyle.

Active Travel Map


What is an Active Travel Map?

  • Mapping software displaying the different types of walking and cycling routes available in a local authority area
  • Fast and responsive navigation using customised Google Maps base mapping and satellite imagery
  • Easy and quick to set up from client-supplied routes

How is an Active Travel Map useful?

  • Supports uptake of greener transport alternatives by providing digital mapping for all
  • Mobile and tablet compatible
  • Differentiates between route types such as on road; available/planned; easy/moderate
  • Share map view between users
  • Link to further information
  • Displays bike parking, cafes, etc.

How is an Active Travel Map implemented?

  • We process the routes and any point datasets
  • Design and build the Active Travel Map using Open Source software
  • Host and maintain the Active Travel Map
  • Support the map and carry out updates through an SLA

Active Travel Map

Active Travel Map

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