GIS Software

gi Perspective provide GIS Software products and applications to help organisations benefit from geographic information and analysis.

What is GIS Software?

  • GIS Software provides the display, interrogation and analysis of digital mapping and associated information.
  • By providing mapping with real-world coordinates the software allows the comparison of multiple datasets, allowing the user to visualise information
  • GIS Software comes in many forms; from individual desktop licences to enterprise solutions

Why use gi Perspective for GIS Software?

  • Independent advice from our experts on the most appropriate software approach
  • Guidance on installation procedures onto desktop and server environments
  • Bespoke training and support in GIS software

How do we provide GIS Software?

  • Desktop software via a proprietary vendor such as Esri
  • Desktop software solution using Open Source software such as QGIS
  • Hosted solutions using an appropriate Open Source software stack such as PostgreSQL and GeoServer
  • Hosted solutions using mapping APIs including Google and Ordnance Survey
  • Dedicated applications or solutions for repeat tasks and routines

What are the benefits of GIS?

  • Using spatial data to improve decision making
  • Cost saving through better asset and fleet management
  • Greater efficiency in managing maintenance and scheduling
  • Improved communication

GIS Software

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