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Marketing Birmingham is the city’s public/private sector strategic marketing partnership and campaigns to promote Birmingham to the business community through Businessbirmingham.com, for conferencing through Meetbirmingham.com, and for tourism and leisure visitors through Visitbirmingham.com.

We held a joint Cartographic Framework with Marketing Birmingham and Birmingham City Council for the design and maintenance of a series of maps at various scales. Taking on an existing set of royalty free maps, our Cartographers were called on to provide updates, extensions and redesigns for approved external third parties. The maps have been used in a variety of brochure publications such as Discover Birmingham, Birmingham Welcomes You and Meet in Birmingham as well as in pocket maps.

Under the Framework, we were also commissioned to an intertactive web mapping application featuring street level maps with interactive links to development sites and photographs. Our cartographers also undertook an extension of the City Centre base map to the West, using aerial photography and ground research to provide the necessary data for map design.

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